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A traditional mini humbucker parts kit Mini Humbucker Parts Kit (Style 1)

This is a kit that includes everything you'll need to wind a traditional style mini Humbucker (except the coil and hookup wire)

Prices From: £21.77 Inc VAT
Mini Humbucker Cover - Open Face Mini Humbucker Cover - German Silver - Open Faced

Open Faced Mini Humbucker cover, made from German silver, and beautifully finished in a range of colours - ideal for making foil top mini humbucker pickups!

Prices From: £7.78 Inc VAT
Mini Humbucker Cover - German Silver - Closed Mini Humbucker Cover - German Silver - Closed

Closed faced Mini humbuckers are associated with one guitar usually - the Gibson® Firebird! They actually turn up on a few other makes and models, but its the Firebird® we all think of when we see this style of cover/pickup.

The pickups in that guitar, originally, were actually a bit of a departure from what had been before - rather then using a bar magnet and steel poles (either poke screws and slug, ala a "normal HB", Pole Screws and steel bars, ala a "traditional mini HB" or even the modern Firebird offerings, which simply use 2 steel bars!) the real deal Firebird® Mini humbucker used 2 bar magnets, slotted into the housings on the bobbins.

Prices From: £7.78 Inc VAT
Mini Humbucker Cover - German Silver Mini Humbucker Cover - German Silver - Traditional

Mini Humbuckers are a bit of a strange concept truth be told - most people think they pre-date "normal" humbuckers, but this isn't actually true - they came to prominence when Gibson® aquired Epiphone® in the late 1950s, and with it, the designs for the Mini humbucker that had been popular in guitars such as the Epiphone® Emperor.

These covers are in that style - 6 holes for the pole screws to peek through, nicely finished over a base of German Silver.

Prices From: £7.78 Inc VAT
6 x  M3 Pole Screws - Slot Head - for Mini Humbucker 6 x Mini Humbuckers (Style 1) Pole Screws - Slot Head - (M3 Thread, 0.5mm Pitch)

Pole Screws. M3 thread, slot head, specifically for Mini humbuckers

Prices From: £2.66 Inc VAT
Humbucker Mounting Base Plate - Square Mounts Mini Humbucker Mounting Base Plate - Traditional

Base for traditional style mini humbuckers - not to be confused with Filtertron® size pickups, the mini humbucker normally turns up on Gibson® and Epiphone guitars, and is considerably smaller then a normal humbucker.

Prices From: £2.11 Inc VAT
Mini Humbucker Rail Pole 1 x Mini Humbucker (Style 1) Rail Pole

Steel rail pole to be used on a traditional build mini humbucker

Prices From: £1.20 Inc VAT