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Single Coil Pickup Alnico 5 Staggered Pole Pieces Pickup parts kit - for Fender® Jaguar®

This is a full kit to make a pickup for a Fender® Jaguar® or similar guitar.

Prices From: £18.20 Inc VAT
Ground Plate - For Fender® Jaguar® Pickups Ground Plate - For Fender® Jaguar® Pickups

Pickups fitted to the Fender® Jaguar®, superficially at least, look very similar to normal single coils, but one of the important components that really shape their sound, is the steel grounding plate fitted underneath the bobbin.

Please note, these are not official Fender® parts.

Prices From: £6.55 Inc VAT
6 x Flat Alnico poles, suitable for Telecaster pickups 6 x Rod Magnets - Flat, No Bevel

Flat topped pole pieces, 17mm x 5mm, ideal for making replacement pickups for the Telecaster.

Available in Alnico 2, 3, 4 and 5.

Prices From: £6.01 Inc VAT
1 x Pickup Cover - Fender® Jaguar® Pickup 1 x Pickup Cover - for Fender® Jaguar® Pickup

Please note not supplied with grounding plate.

Prices From: £4.40 Inc VAT
Pickup Flatwork - For Fender® Jaguar® Pickup Flatwork - For Fender® Jaguar®

Fibre boards to make pickups for the Fender® Jaguar®

Pole spacing at 51.5mm

Prices From: £3.35 Inc VAT