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4 x Gibson Styled Top hat knobs - 2 vol 2 tone 4 x Top hat knobs - Reliced - Modern Spec

These are exactly the same as our "normal" Top hat knobs, but, as you'd expect from a Relic part, they've been routed up, rusted and battered to mimic a bit of page. Not for everyone, i'll grant you, but if thats your thing? More power to you!

Prices From: £14.40 Inc VAT
Black Witch Hat knobs with Gold and Silver inlays 4 x Witchhat knobs

Available in Black, With Gold or Silver Inlays.
Supplied in a set of 4 (2 Vol and 2 Tone) or as a single knob

Prices From: £8.45 Inc VAT
A Selection Of Bell knobs for Gibson and Epiphone Guitars 4 x Bell knobs

Bell knobs Gibson® and Epiphone electric guitars, built in the vintage style, and designed to sit slightly above the top panel of the guitar to account for any variation in the top panel. ideal for vintage re-issues and restonations. All colours embossed and finished to the highest standard.

Prices From: £8.45 Inc VAT
4 x Gibson Styled Top hat knobs - 2 vol 2 tone 4 x Top Hat Knobs - Modern Spec

Top Hat (or "reflector") knobs debuted in 1961, when Gibson® reinvented the Les Paul® (making something that would, eventually, become the SG®!)

Very similar to the bell knobs which preceeded them, but they were internally recessed to allow the knobs to sit flush with the top of the guitar. So even though they have existed for nearly as long as speed and bell knobs, they have only ever existed in that "modern" style.

Prices From: £8.45 Inc VAT

4 x Notched Speed Knobs for Gibson and Epiphone 4 x Notched Speed Knobs - Vintage Spec

Notched Speed knobs have a relatively short history as far as i can tell - the first time i saw them, was on the 2016 Gibson® HP series - both the Les Paul® and the SG® - they only lasted the year though, before they were replaced with Metal UFO knobs in 2017 (which, again, only lasted a year until they were replaced in 2018 with clear Bell knobs... which again... managed a year, before the series was discontinued)

Prices From: £7.50 Inc VAT
4 x Speed Knobs for Gibson and Epiphone 4 x Speed Knobs - Vintage Spec

The "Speed Knob” was first introduced by Gibson in late 1953 and was in production on most Gibsons until late ’55.  Famous guitars which featured the "speed" knob are the Les Paul Custom which sported a variant with a gold or black tinted kernel while the EB series (Electric Bass) showcased  a brown example.

The development came from the high sided “barrel knob” which was in production for the four years previous to the “speed” knob. The main difference being the speed knob is slightly smaller (1/8”) in height.

Available in Amber,White, Gold, Black.

Prices From: £7.50 Inc VAT
1 x Import Sized Screw Fit Switch Tips - Metal 1 x Import Sized Screw Fit Switch Tips - Metal

Made for Epiphone®/Alpha Switches.

Please note – these are not official Epiphone® parts

Prices From: £7.20 Inc VAT
Pickup " Rhythm Treble" Selector Ring in Aged White and Black Pickup Selector Ring

A standard Rhythm / Treble selector ring that will fit over most toggle switches, affixed to the guitar by a sticky backing, either with the standard mounting nut, or the extension nut seen on some Switchcraft switches.

Prices From: £4.82 Inc VAT
1 x Switchcraft Screw Fit Switch Tips 1 x Switch Tip - Suitable for Switchcraft

Available in Aged White, Amber and Black

Made for Switchcraft Switches as used on Gibson.

Prices From: £3.60 Inc VAT

Epiphone Sized Screw Fit Switch Tips 1 x Screw Fit Switch Tips - M3.5 Thread

These are screw fit switch tips, which commonly turn up on guitars produced in Korea, Japan, China and Taiwan.

Originally designed to fit onto "alpha" switches, there's a whole host of different manufacturers producing this type of switch nowadays, and, for the most part, they're all the same in terms of size and function.

Prices From: £2.64 Inc VAT