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6 x  "Historic" Mini Humbuckers Pole Screws - Slot Head, 5/40 UNC 6 x "Historic" Mini Humbuckers Pole Screws - Slot Head, 5/40 UNC

Historically accurate Mini Humbucker pole screws, complete with that enormously long head, and a 5/40 UNC thread.

Prices From: £10.08 Inc VAT
Mini Humbucker sized P90 Covers in Black, Chrome, Gold, nickel and Raw Mini Humbucker Cover - German Silver - P90

A miniturised version of a P90 cover, suitable for building or repairing Mini humbucker sized P90s.

Prices From: £9.07 Inc VAT
Mini P90 Mounting Base Plate 1 x Mini Humbucker Mounting Base Plate - "P90"

A Mini Humbucker sized P90 base - bit of an odd ball pickup part, but a great if you're making pickups, and you're hamstrung by guitar routes!

Prices From: £5.78 Inc VAT
Humbucker Bar Magnet - Alnico 5 1 x Bar Magnet - 58 x 10 x 3.2

One of the "oddity" sizes of bar magnet - sometimes turn up in P90s, sometimes turn up in Mini-buckers, very rarely, even in full sized humbuckers. As always, worth checking the sizes to make sure this is the one you need.

Prices From: £4.00 Inc VAT
6 x  M3 Pole Screws - Slot Head - for Mini Humbucker 6 x Mini Humbuckers (Style 1) Pole Screws - Slot Head - (M3 Thread, 0.5mm Pitch)

Pole Screws. M3 thread, slot head, specifically for Mini humbuckers

Prices From: £2.66 Inc VAT
Mini P90 Bobbin 1 x Mini P90 Bobbin - ABS

P90 Bobbin

Prices From: £2.46 Inc VAT