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Single coil pickup height tubing Pickup "Height Adjustment" Tubing

Silicone tuning used on single coils, traditionally used in place of the springs (which have become much more common nowadays) - but the old silicone tubing has a bit of vintage charm about it.

Prices From: £2.59 Inc VAT
7 String  Single Coil Pickup Covers in  range of colours 1 x 7 String Single Coil Pickup Cover

These pickup covers are designed for 7 String Pickups and are available in a range of colours with 61.2mm spacing.

Prices From: £3.84 Inc VAT
Black 7 string single coil fibre boards Single Coil Pickup Flatwork - 7 String

7 String single coil fibre boards - 61.2mm spacing, and designed for 5mm poles.

Prices From: £8.10 Inc VAT
100 x Brass Eyelets 100 x Brass Eyelets - Nickel Plated

Nickel plated brass Eyelets, for fitting into pickup fiber board, giving you a point to thread the coil wire through, and to solder the hookup wires to.

Prices From: £13.50 Inc VAT
Single Coil Pickup Parts Kit 1 x Single Coil Pickup Parts Kit - 7 String

This is a full kit to make one single coil pickup, containing everything you'll need except the copper winding wire.

Prices From: £19.39 Inc VAT