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BassGotoh Bass Bridge

Bass Bridges from Hipshot®,Gotoh, Axesrus® and Wilkinson®

HardtailsHipshot 6 String fixed guitar bridge

Fixed bridges from Hipshot®,Gotoh® and Axesrus®

For Tele®Gotoh BS-TC1S Telecaster Bridge

Modern, Vintage and Conversion Bridges From Hipshot®, Gotoh®, Wilkinson® and Axesrus®

Tremolo Axesrus Diablo Noise Cancelling Single CoilVintage, Modern and Locking Tremolos from Scaller®, Gotoh®, Hipshot®, Axesrus® and Wilkinson®

Tune-o-Matics Gotoh BRass Saddle Nashville Bridge for Les Paul

Tune-o-matics, Nashvilles and Tailpieces from Gotoh®, Schaller®, Wilkinson® and Axesrus®

Wrap AroundsHipshot Baby Grand Wrap Around Bridge for PRS

Combined Bridge & Tail pieces from Axesrus®,Gotoh® and Hipshot®

Spare PartsAxesrus 10/32" Tremolo Arm for Vintage Strat

Trem Arms, Saddles, Springs, Screws, Blocks and Bushes for all the types of bridges we carry.

Miscellaneous Axesrus Jazzmaster bridge in Chrome with Studs

The weird stuff that doesn't really fall into the other bridge types - parts suitable for Jazzmaster®, Mustang®, Mosrite®, Rickenbacher® etc

Locking TremolosSchaller Locking Tremolo

Locking Tremolos from Gotoh® and Schaller®

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