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Axesrus "Model 24" P90 Axesrus "Model 24" P90 Sized Humbucker

Something new for us - a P90 sized humbucker! Because, frankly? Some times - you've got to hold your hands up and admit you've bought the wrong guitar eh?

Electrically identical to the humbucker sized version, but built into a handy dandy P90 sized casing - ideal for getting that little bit more from what is often a limiting sized route!

Prices From: £110.00 Inc VAT
Axesrus "Hot Ninties" P90s Axesrus "Hot Ninties" P90s

Our take on the classic P90, but moving away from the tamer, traditional pickups we've designed before! Hotter, heavier, more raunchy!

Prices From: £66.00 Inc VAT

Axesrus "Late 50s Humbucker Sized" P90s Axesrus "Late 50s Humbucker Sized" P90s

The next step on the P90 ladder, taking into account the changes made in 1957, Alnico V Magnets replaced the Alnico IIIs used previously.
This resulted in a drastic drop in top end, but increased middle and bottom end, giving the new generation a throatier, growling tone.

Hand Wound in the UK

Prices From: £66.00 Inc VAT

Axesrus "Early 50s" P90s Axesrus "Early 50s" P90s

Our brand new range of UK made, Hand wound P90 soap bars, combining classic ideas with modern techniques to create a classic pre-1957 style pickup.

Prices From: £66.00 Inc VAT