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1 x Pickup Bobbin - Suitable for Mini Humbucker (Style 1)
1 x Pickup Bobbin - Suitable for Mini Humbucker

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These are the "traditional" Mini humbucker bobbins - weirdly, a lot more generalized then normal humbucker bobbins, allowing for much more customisation on the construction of the pickup, but ultimately, forcing you to always have a cover on a Min-bucker.

Essentially, there's a large slot in the centre of the bobbin (53mm x 3.5mm) which will take either a steel bar, will allow pole screws to pass through (to thread into the base) or accept a specialist magnet.

This is where Minibuckers get their variations - because they're smaller then the normal style, you cant really do much in the way of altering the winds - so you see plenty of tricks with the poles.

Stuff like the Gibson® Firebird®, for example, used magnets pressed into these slots (depending on year of production, or who you're asking, its varying grades of Alnico or Cermaics!) while all other Gibson® offerings used a steel bar on one coil, and pole screws on the other, and a central bar magnet underneath (like a normal humbucker, just a narrower magnet). Both examples, the magnets/bars are hidden under the cover, and pole screws, where used, would be exposed.

There are other designs though - the "staple" mini humbucker for example, has a specific type of steel bar thats used, with raised "string sections" which would be visible through the cover.

Long story short - the bobbins aren't much to look at on their own, and do need a cover, but there's plenty you can do with them!

Worth noting too, that there are AT LEAST 2 different styles of Mini humbuckers (we'll start differentiating on the site as we roll out this version) - and the parts are not cross compatible, and the sizes are different.

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