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Wiring Loom - For Gibson® SG®

High Spec CTS Switchcraft SG Loom

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Description Technical Specs Wiring / Instructions / Customisation

Gibson® SG® - Wiring

This is a wiring loom designed to fit into a Gibson® SG® or similar guitar, built here in the UK to order using CTS pots, Switchcraft socket and switch, 22 AWG waxed cloth wire with the braided external screen and cornell Dubliner (formerly Sprague) “Orange Drop” capacitors – all in all, about the highest stamp of parts that are available on the market.

We all know that distinctive SG® tone – its big, its brash, its raucous, it’s going to give you everything you want and always have plenty in reserve if you need it – but electrically, its no different no most other double Humbucker guitars – very much the standard pattern that you’d find on a Les Paul® or 335® - and that’s the case, simply, because it delivers the best results.

So with that in mind, we’re making this pre-assembled loom up as a drop in replacement or upgrade for your SG® style guitars – dead easy to fit, just attach the pickups to the respective volume pot, connect the ground wire from the bridge to the ground loop - and your away – everything else has been done for you.

Wiring Extras

Believe it or not, we actually quite like making these looms - its pretty rewarding sending stuff like this out into the real world, where its making instant improvements to peoples playing, their tone improves, and they end up enjoying their guitars that little bit more as a result (and, honestly, the tech support is a little easier when you know the electronics are 100%!) - so we're working to make them a little more customisable too! Just means you can get the loom exactly as you want it.

Coil Splitting
With a all the HB/HB wiring looms,the most common request we get is Coil Splitting on push pots - so its great to be able to offer that now.

Dead easy to get your head around - you can have a push pull CTS pot, replacing any of the other pots in the loom (either volume or Tone, either position), and that'll handle the coil splitting of one pickup, or you can have 2 push pots fitted (either both volumes, or both tones), and they'll handle the splitting of 2 pickups (one on each pot)

Best to check if your existing/new pickups have access to the joint between the coils though (so, you'll have 4 or 5 wires coming from the pickup (Live, Negative, Screen (which connects to negative to make a ground) and either 1 or 2 wires which are the join in the coils) - without access to the join, you wont be able to use a coil tap (atleast not without some serious modification to your pickup!)

Knobs and Tips

Beyond that, you've got the easy stuff - Knobs and Tips incase you need them (with a nice little discount for buying it all together!), just the standard stuff really - Top hats and Witch hats, and Switchcraft Tips

Pot Thread/Diameter

Thread type as mentioned earlier is a bit of a tricky one. Remember - Epis are metric 8mm as stock, this loom isn't - so you're either drilling/filing out the holes (which was the only option before CTS released metrics), or you pay a little extra to have us fit the Metric CTS pots. (If we could give you the Metric pots for the same price, trust me - we would! They cost more to produce, so its got to be passed on I'm afraid.)

Technical Brief

500k Pots (Linear Tone, Logarithmic Volume), 3 way toggle, mono output, 0.022 capacitor, wired to the "modern" standard

Please note – these assemblies are made to order, and as such, come under the rules and regulations pertaining to custom work in regards of returns.

Also note – these are not official Gibson® or Epiphone® part

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