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Gotoh® Tune-o-Matics Axesrus® Tune-o-Matics Axesrus® Roller Tune-o-Matics
Gotoh® AS103-B - Chrome with Brass Saddles Epi B-2 Spring Lock Bridge with 6mm Stud Holes Roller Nashville Les Paul bridge w/ 6mm Stud Holes

Gotoh® are pushing the boundires a little further with their Tune-O-matic bridges, and are experimentiong with different saddle and block materials to really deliver individual tones from an often overlooked part.

Our own brand Tune-o-matic bridges, including the popular ABR design, as well as the slightly more modern "nashville" version, if you're looking for a replacement bridge for your Gibson® or Epiphone®, chances are we've got you covered.

Axesrus® own brand Roller bridges, ideal for using on arch top and solid bodied guitars with a tremolo or Vibrato tail piece where the reduction in friction at the saddle is of real benefit.

Hipshot® Tune-o-Matics and Wrap Arounds Wrap Arounds Tail Pieces
Hipshot 'Baby Grand' Bridge & Tailpiece combo - Gold Combined Bridge/Tail piece Standard Aluminium Tail Piece - Suitable for Epiphone® and similar guitars - Nickel

Hipshot carry across their exceptional dedication to quality to the Tune-o-matic and Wrap around market here - built from the highest quality materials, they really are some of the best in the business when it comes to arch top bridges.

The basic principle of the wrap around bridge is pretty simple, its both a Stop bar to hold the strings, but also carries the saddles - as such if allows you to use only one piece of hardware on certain guitars for a simple setup.

Tailpieces are a companion part that sits behind a Tune-o-matic bridge and acts as an anchor point for the ball end of the string.

Nowadays, the iconic Stop bar pictured above is what we usually think of when talking about Tail pieces, but theres a wide range of different options out there, including the use of different materials and styles, right through to Tail pieces that also function as a complete bridge.

Saddles, Parts and Spares
2 x Nashville Bridge Thumb Wheels and Studs (4mmMetric)

We carry a healthy stock of all the studs, bushes, saddles, screws and parts that you'll need to maintain and modify your Tune-o-Matic style bridge, including most parts in Imperial and Metric sizes.