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Set of 3 Premium Yellow UFO Knobs – Suitable for CTS Split shaft pots
Set of 3 Premium Yellow UFO Knobs – Suitable for CTS Split shaft pots

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We’re incredibly proud of our new line of UFO knobs for CTS pots – with higher quality printing, a neater cut across the board; – these really are the very best knobs in the style that we’ve seen.

Now the reason for the crazy colour combinations! We know full well that 90% of you are looking at the Red, Pink, Purple and Green UFOs and thinking “I’m never putting them on my Strat®!” (Probably without the ® though!) – And honestly, we whole heartedly agree! Most Fender® guitars have got enough going on, they come in plenty of big, bold block colours – no need to add extra embellishment.

Where these UFO knobs come into their own is with the heavier Super Strat® offerings that turn up more and more nowadays. Ibanez® and DiMarzio® have made it their business to push the boundaries of good taste to the extreme with the pickguard and pickup colours over the last 3 decades, and that’s something we really like here at Axesrus! You want a set of bright pink pickups on a black scratch plate, then go for it! And get the knobs and switch tip to match!

Beyond the crazy colours, these are still the same high quality as the other new UFO knobs and its business as usual – and you’re buying a set of 3 knobs, consisting of one printed “VOLUME”, and two printed “TONE” in block capitals.

This set is the “Yellow” set – and it really is a scorcher! Absolutely bounces when matched up against anything red on a guitar, gets this whole fire/flames motif going (if that’s your sort of thing). One of those colours with absolutely no subtlety to it, which has got to be the charm of these sorts of colours.

The mounting is specifically for CTS pots; although they will work for Alpha pots with a little force (although, strictly speaking this is not advised)

If you’re not sure what pots you’ve got in your guitar, it’s a fairly easy process to figure out. CTS pots are used on most USA and Mexican Fenders® (as well as most other guitars produced in the west) and can be identified either by the CTS markings on the pots case, or the 24 “teeth” on the actually mechanism of the pot.

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