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Axesrus "Big Boy" Single Coil Pickups Axesrus "Big Boy"

Coming Soon - Axesrus New High output single coil, built around hugely powerful 1/4" poles for increased magnetic pull and a crisper, more aggressive top end

Prices From: £57.60 Inc VAT
Axesrus "Yorkshire Jack" Single Coils Axesrus "Yorkshire Jack"

Our new hotter, heavier single coil, aimed primarily as a bridge pickup for anyone who hates the overly shrill, brittle tone you usually get with a single coil.

Prices From: £54.00 Inc VAT

Axesrus "Late 50s" Single Coils Axesrus "Late 50s"

The Late 50s single coils are one of a new range of pickups we're winding, along with the Late 60s, which aim to accurately re-create the pickup from certain notable points from the electric guitars history.

What you're looking at here is a pretty cool design, and one that really captured players imaginations right from the very off, because of some interesting little design ideas that weren't really seen before or since.

Prices From: £40.00 Inc VAT

Axesrus "Late 60s" Single Coils Axesrus "Late 60s"

Crisp, clean, and clear - these single coils work exactly as you'd expect. Less aggressive then the Texas Blues, with a touch more snap in the top end, they work exceptionally well under fuzz and 60s levels of gain - and perform admirablly through big stacks and little valve combos.

Prices From: £40.00 Inc VAT

Axesrus "Strings Ransom" - Matched Set Axesrus "Strings Ransom"

The sets represents how we think the Strings Ransoms should be used when they're not doing the business in a Fat Strat® - straight out, single coils – instant rock!

Prices From: £40.00 Inc VAT

Axesrus RedMag Single Coil - Inside view Axesrus "Red Mag"

The RegMags really typify something we love doing with single coil pickups – and that’s get away from that “Classic Strat®” tone! It’s been done time and time again, and rather than just churn out historic recreations, we like something a different!

Prices From: £40.00 Inc VAT

Axesrus "Texas Blues - Hand Wound" - Matched Set Axesrus "Texas Blues"

The sets represents how we think the Texas Blues should be used – not that it’s a hard and fast rule.

Obviously, if you want the change what the set contains - just ask the question on the contact page and we'll help out if we can.

Prices From: £40.00 Inc VAT

Axesrus "S-90" Single Coil Pickups Axesrus "S-90"

Anyone whos spoken to us over the past few years regarding pickups will probably know very well how highly we rate Alnico 3 magnets - and with the hugely popular T90s and Classic 50s Deluxes causing waves of their own, it only seemed right to introduce a single coil using these cracking little magnets!

Prices From: £35.00 Inc VAT