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Axesrus "Yorkshire Jack"
Axesrus "Yorkshire Jack" Single Coils

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Please be aware, you have opened the "more options" section, which means your really getting into the customisation of the pickups - and thats fantastic! It'll really allow you to make the pickups your own, so wether your looking to make a set that matches up with a certain historic specification, or you' re trying to match a single pickup to another from a different manufacturer - this is the way to do it!

Its worth keeping in mind though, that with every tweak you make, you'll be getting further and further away from what we'd call the "standard setup", and as such, that means the pickups will come under the remit of Custom work

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Yorkshire Jack - He's not soft!

Our Yorkshire Jack single coil is an absolutely fantastic little pickup. In brief, it’s a higher output, straight shooting single coil aimed as a replacement for anyone who wants more power and less top end snap from their bridge pickup.
The back story (and we do love a back story!) is, honestly, bordering on the embarrassing! This pickup actually came about by happy accident during the development of the “Texas Teas” for the Telecaster®. (This, in itself is a re-working/re-imagining of a pickup designed for the Stratocaster® - our Texas Blues). Its not so much designed as a Single coil that’s going to turn your Strat® into a Tele® - its more we loved what the Texas Tea did so much, that we thought it’d be a fantastic to bring some of those characteristics over to a single coil too.

But back to Yorkshire Jack - Now, normally, we don’t talk about single coils in terms of high/medium/vintage output like we do with humbuckers - purely because, strictly speaking, 95% of the offerings on the market are pretty firmly planted in the low output/vintage camp! That’s where we've got to think differently withthis rascal – he’s got to definitely come under medium output! There’s just more about it - warmer then something traditional, they're fuller in the lower mid range, there’s much more responsiveness, giving you this throaty purr, bordering on a growl, not so much with unbridled aggression like some "hot singles" do, but with a comforting confidence that anything you can throw at them, they're going to smile up at you, give you the knowing nod, and chuck it straight out of the speaker. Sort of feels like you’re in safe hands really - you try a fast hammer-on lick, or a big bend - there’s no need to strangle the life out of the neck to get every last ounce of the note - here, the pickups are doing the heavy lifting.

One of the important things with this pickup is actually something a little innocuous – we’ve fitted a brass “focusing plate” to the base. This has a few jobs to do in the design, but they’re worth noting.
Primarily, we’re using brass to really suck out a lot of the top end that’s being produced in the bridge position. It’s all well and good making an over wound single coil, but if it’s going in the bridge slot, you’re still going to capture a lot of twang – and that’s the frequencies we really wanted to avoid. A nice little secondary trick, the brass plate also helps tame the fizzy “noise” you get with a hotter single coil (I think we’ve all played singles that had plenty of power, but were far too lively for their own good.) In all likelihood, its probably that the “fizz” is just inside the frequencies that the bass plate is attenuating (rather than the base plate acting as a Faraday cage), so it sort of two advantages in one really.


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Awesomesingle coil goes great with humbuckers January 12, 2018
Reviewer: Vinny Irvine from Nottingham, .United Kingdom  
I have an HSH strat with modern output humbuckers voiced like original fender wide range humbuckers, wound to 12k bridge and 11k neck so needed a higher output single coil.

The Yorkshire Jack is a great middle pickup in this combo. Switching between pickups theres no sudden drop in volume. It blends in beautifully for a fatter quack in positions 2 and 4.

For a single coil hum is surprisingly low which I guess is down to the brass baseplate which also seems to be doing what you'd expect on a telecaster pickup - fattening up the tone while retaining the twang. Theres also a singing flute like quality not unlike a mini humbucker.

This is a great pickup for more dirty blues and rock,

I find itâ„¢s perfect in a circuit with 500k pots all round. This is a nice full tone, no need to worry about thin ice pick with these. In an HDS set up 500k pots it all balances perfectly.

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