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Axesrus "Bourbon City"
Axesrus - Bourbon City Humbucker

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Bourbon City - The Home of Tone

With these pickups we've been aiming to hit that notch between clean and dirty, and the Bourbon City set delivers brilliantly on both fronts.

Crystal clear tones on clean, with every note carrying a halo of warmth that really lends itself to a single note style, but with a little overdrive, they've got a kick like the name suggests. With the warmth becoming heat, the clear tones becoming sharp - exactly how a humbucker should sound.

Built to 50s specs, avoiding the pit falls of the "overwound" styles that are abundant nowadays, balancing bright tops and crisp mids with a slightly subdued bass and glowing sustain thanks to the Alnico II magnets. The set carries a real presence in its sound, making it a capable combo for both rhythm and solo work.

Again, great for anyone who likes their Classic Rock, Hot Texas Blues - anything that really needs a hard working set of Humbuckers for both clean and overdriven work.

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5 of 5 Tex mex chili carne - tonal perfection December 1, 2017
Reviewer: Vinny Monte-Irvine from Nottingham, .United Kingdom  
Absolutely tonal perfection!

To put this into context I have already got nice pickups up compare with, Fender USA, Seymour Duncans  Gibsons, Dimarzios, Super 80s, and other hand wound pickups from elsewhere....

But this combination blows everything I have away.

On my HSH strat - my plan was to get that sound Craig so aptly described as medium hot chilli con carne - and that tex mex vibe is dead on.

So I was looking for something that tonally will give me an SRV and Billy Gibbons and this combination hits the spot!

The Bourbons - hit that sweet spot between pearly gates and Gibson 57s. So itS got that overwound PAF sound of the pearly gates without being as shrill or scooped while still retains the bite. They are in strat and surprisingly they have a little twang as well as lots of sizzle. The bass is also tight - almost as tight as an A5 humbucker and they have that upper mid range punch you get with the Gibson 57 without the bloat in the mids or spongy bottom end.

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5 of 5 Bourbon City Pair October 23, 2015
Reviewer: R Pearce from Desborough, Northants England  
With advice from Craig, I plumped for a pair of the 'Bourbon City' plus, H gate covers. At last I have sound that matches my needs. A nice sweet twang at the bridge with a Neck PU that sounds quite similar but has a fuller sound, with more bass than the bridge and is richer as you would expect. Selecting both pickups works well also. I was after a sound that fell midway between a 'bridge' Telecaster and a 'bridge' Gretsch Pro-jet Filtertron. It ain't perfect but at just £50.00 each its dammed close... I reckon the H gates have helped reduce the slight treble muting that brass normal covers tend to do. Half way house between no covers and full covers? I spent money to get here.. Upgraded the original Epi 2012 57 V Classics to Hot Slags, I went from one extreme to the other.. Now I have that middle ground sound all Epi/Gibi players really want. Not muddy and muted and not brash in your face. Just clean pure & sweet with a bit of bite and attack when you go to overdrive.

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5 of 5 The best of both worlds with no compromises April 29, 2015
Reviewer: Pete Mo from Little Baddow, ESSEX England  
I also replaced the stock ceramic bridge humbucker in a Yamaha Pacifica 112. I paired it with Ironstone Gold Neck and Middle single coils. Craig's advice was spot on because now I have a Bridge humbucker that excels at both Clean AND Overdriven sounds. The Bourbon City to my ears offers the best of both worlds with no obvious compromises. The Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde paradox!  

I have two Pacificas so can do proper A/B comparisons. The stock Yamaha humbucker sounds good, but the Bourbon City sounds warmer, richer, with more clarity and far less honk. The sustain from the Bourbon City is better too, as notes ring out for longer. When overdriven, the pickup gains a sharper bark.

The Bourbon City compliments the Ironstone Golds and further increases the Pacifica's versatility. The volume levels are well balanced. I wired switch position 3 to provide a Bridge/Neck mix tone which I prefer. The Axesrus is wired in series humbucking mode in all positions where it is used.

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5 of 5 great tone January 9, 2015
Reviewer: Jim Goddin from Hastings, United Kingdom  
Finally got around to fitting the pickups into my Washburn over the Christmas break.

They’ve completely changed the guitar from a one or maybe one and a half trick pony into something a lot more versatile. The coil tap settings are very usable and quite ‘Gretchy’, and the full humbuckers have a great range of tones. Backing off the volume a few degrees cleans things up nicely.

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5 of 5 Bridge humbucker September 22, 2014
Reviewer: Ian Snape from Stockport, Cheshire .United Kingdom  
I recently installed one of these beauties in my hardtail-bridged Telecaster - and it's a massive improvement to the 'rails' style HB I'd originally installed.  There's clarity, there's crunch, there's warmth, and when combined with the Tele's stock neck SC, there's a slight mid-scoop.  
I've been building / modding guitars for some years now, and I'd be happy to use these pickups in any future project.

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