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Pickguard - For Japanese Jaguar® - "Square Neck Pocket"
A selection of pickguards suitable for the Fender Japan Jaguar, with a square neck pocket.

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Pickguard suitable for Fender® Japan Jaguar®


Fender® Japan really latched onto the Offset series in a big way, and its not unfair to say that up until recently, its been more common to see Jaguar and Jazzmaster guitars coming from the far east in Europe then their USA counter parts.So with that in mind, these are the pickguards to fit.

Whilst the USA version ran from 1962 through to the mid 70s, the Japanese versions run from the early 90s, through to the modern day, and normally, they're built as "re-issues" - fairly faithful copies of the original US models.

However - Fender Japan, as is common, decided to do a few things "their way" - which is completely understandable looking back on it. The Jaguar® hadn't been made for over a decade when they re-introduced them. So you will see some minor variations between USA and Japanese models. The main one that jumps out, is the pickguard.

The "problem" is essentially the control plates - Japanese Jaguar® guitars (and this isn't a hard and fast rule by any stretch of the imagination!) come with different control plates when compared to the USA model.

The plate itself is also a slightly different shape, and the mounting hole pattern is different.


The pickguard has a ten hole mounting pattern, and space to accommodate two single coil pickups, control plate, bridge and mute. This reflects how it would have originally appeared. It is worth noting that this plate features a 'square' shaped neck pocket.

Now, the control plates are were things get a little tricky - because theres no really accurate way of showing the differences - but, as a very rough guide, here goes.

The "hex" plate is always the same - take one from a Japanese Fender®, stick on a USA - no problems at all.

The "Preset" plate - thats the one with the roller knobs and slider switch - the Japanese version actually looks superficially identical - the "curved edge" that sits up against the pickguard is the same as the USA version, BUT, the Japanese plate is around 4mm "longer" (as is that curved inside edge) - so taking a USA plate, and offering it up to a Japanese spec pickguard, and matching the curve, you'll have a 4mm gap, or there abouts and the back edge.

The "volume & Tone" plate - Now this is typical with Fender® Japan (and is true of their Mustang® guitar and bass too) - the angle on the control plate is wider then the USA version, so offering up a Japanese control plate to a USA pickguard, it wont fit. A USA control plate on a Japanese pickguard? It'll "fit", but you'll have a gap at the "points" of a millimeter or two.

Now, the tricky part? As far as we can tell, Fender® Japan stuck with this spec plate for most of the 90s, and the early 2000s, but have since moved over to the USA spec pickguards, and as such, the control plates have completely disappeared, with only the USA version still in existence at factory level.

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