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Pickguard - The Craggy Mod - for Stratocaster® - (Modern)

Pickguard - Suitable for Fat® Stratocasters® - no middle

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Craggy Mod Plate for the Fender® Stratocaster®

A twist on the "classic" Fat Strat® plate, streamlined down to turn it into a bit more a no nonsense rock machine.

We've ditched the middle pickup slot, we've offset the volume and tone pots to get them out the way

the logic runs as follows.

Your average 3 pickup Fat Strat® is fantastic - but, for us, its a little on the bloated side.
Its pretty normal for see them wired with a super switch, so position 2 automatically coil taps the humbucker, and wires in it parallel with the middle pickup, giving a sort of Pseudo pos. 2 tone - which is great - guitar sounds a bit like a traditional Strat® again.

Problem is - its not a tradtional Strat® is it? The pots are likely the wrong resistance (500k to accomodate for the humbucker in the first place), the bridge coil isn't a single coil, and has very little in common with a traditional single coil (at best, its 4.5K of 42 AWG sat on a bar magnet rather then (at worst) 5.7K wrapped around some alnico poles

So, rather then trying to re-invent the wheel and make a Fat Strat® so something its not really comfortable with, we think of it the other way! Keep it simple, keep it versitile, and dont try and mimic the traditional.

The intention with the Craggy mod is this - you stick a 3 way switch in there. You run it like a Telecaster® - Bridge, Both, Neck.
Your bridge is your rock pickup - its big, its brash, its aggressive, its your typical uncovered humbucker
Your necks something a little more traditional, if or when you want cleans, or chords, or creaminess, and thats a standard single coil.

Volume pots miles out of the way of your strumming hand, and you've only got one tone knob.

Obviously, this is only how we think of the thing, and it is only a pickguard, so theres nothing stopping you pushing the boat out with the controls - but thats what we've had in mind when we've designed the thing.

beyond that, its business as usual - modern spec mounting, avallable in a nice range of colours and plys, and capable of taking all the high end electrics you'd expect.

pickguard for the Fender® Strat® and similar guitars

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