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Custom work


Custom work is non-refundable or exchangeable, and cannot be cancelled once the part has been made (usually immediately). Custom work is defined as those extra-charge services and bespoke products which make that product in question unique and difficult to re-sell, and applies to all Assemblies, wiring harnesses, loaded control plates etc.

The customer should be aware of this before contacting Axesrus to discuss prices and availability of any given product or service.

Axesrus will not be held responsible for any mistakes in specifications, inherent flaws in the design supplied, unsuitability of a product or mistakes in measurements and dimensions supplied for any customer work.

We will stand by all warranties with custom work where applicable.

*On a more personal note, if you do find yourself in a situation where you have entered into a contract with Axesrus regarding custom work, and have an issue - don't hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss it. Whilst its very easy to say "no returns/refunds on custom orders" we know mistakes happen, and we will try and help out if we can. Be that with further modifications, or partial refunds - your not on your own if somethings gone wrong.