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Switch Control Plate - For USA Jaguar®
Switch Control Plate for Fender Jaguar in Chrome

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Description Technical Specs
These control plates are ideal for the Fender® Jaguar® and similar guitars. They are simply used to mount the side loading pots (or, more accurately, their bracket) which are used to control the rhythm circuits tone and volume. There’s also a route for mounting the slider switch which selects either the rhythm or lead circuit.

These are made from steel to give a nice, reassuring weight to the piece, and beautifully chrome plated, so are ideal for adding those classy finishing touches that really make the Jaguar® a great looking guitar.
There do seem to be some, “niggles” when it comes to how control plates align with the Fender® Jaguar® pickguard – but frankly, they’re more a mark of authenticity nowadays rather than a “that’s not right!” issue.

Basically, from the very first run of this guitar in 1962, right through to 1975, the control plates never really did line up with the pickguards. Weirdly, it seems to be more an issue with the pickguard, and how it was cut, rather than the control plates themselves (which don’t seem to have changed at all!), but its certainly worth mentioning here for the sake of completeness. Either way, its not uncommon to find little gaps between plates, edges not aligning, relatively small things in the grand scheme of it, but they do look a bit slap dash at times.

Either way, modern versions of the guitars (1999 onward) – the problem has been sorted out, and the plates are cut correctly – but its just worth watching out for if you’re lucky enough to own one of the original models, or you’re working with a re-issue (we’ve seen relatively modern re-issues showing the same problem as the originals – a sort of “warts and all” homage!)
Please be aware these are not official Fender® parts.

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