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Split Shaft
Split Shaft
Knobs for Split Shaft pots – now this is where the fun begins! As always when dealing with knobs and pots – worth finding out what shaft you’ve actually got on your guitar – with a Split shaft, as the name suggests, you’ll have a post, divided into 2 separate sections, looks a little like a tuning fork, with a toothed edge running around the edge

Most of the time – if you’re dealing with a guitar produced in the USA (or Mexico) – and you’ve got Barrel knobs as standard, you won’t have split shaft pots on the guitar.

However, guitars from the far east, 99% of the time, always come with split shaft pots, and plenty of those turn up with barrel knobs as part of the package – Ibanez®, ESP®, Epiphone®, all fall into this category.