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Single Coil Pickup & Switch Screws & Springs - Recessed Counter Sunk Pickup & Switch Mounting Bolt & Spring Set - Suitable for Fender® Stratocaster®

This is a set of switch mounting and pickup height adjustment bolts for the Fender® Statocaster® and similar guitars.

Specifically, these are 6-32 UNC (imperial thread) bolts, with dome, phillips heads, with 6 "small" head screws for the pickups, and 2 larger headed versions for the switch, as well as 6 height adjustment springs.

Prices From: £3.60 Inc VAT
Single Coil Pickup Springs Single Coil Pickup Springs

Good quality Springs to hold Pickups against pick guards reliablly, with a little bit of play.

Prices From: £2.00 Inc VAT