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Flat topped knobs for Split Shaft pots – now this is where the fun begins! As always when dealing with knobs and pots – worth finding out what shaft you’ve actually got on your guitar – with a Split shaft, as the name suggests, you’ll have a post, divided into 2 separate sections, looks a little like a tuning fork, with a toothed edge running around the edge, should look a little something like this. Split Shaft CTS pot from a Stratocaster

Most of the time – if you’re dealing with a guitar produced in the USA (or Mexico) – and you’ve got Barrel knobs as standard, you won’t have split shaft pots on the guitar.

However, guitars in the far east, 99% of the time, always come with split shaft pots, and plenty of those turn up with barrel knobs as part of the package – Ibanez®, ESP®, Epiphone®, all fall into this category.

And obviously, if you’re looking to work “off book” and stick a set of barrel knobs on your Strat®, then its probably easier to work with the existing split shaft pots then having to undertake expensive electrical work by replacing them.
Where solid shafts are 6.35mm side, with no flex on the post, split shafts are 5.9mm wide, and are actually have a little bit of movement on the split to allow the use of push fit knobs.