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Barrel knobs for solid shaft pots – dead easy to identify a solid shaft pot, just like the photo really – rather than having a “2 part” post on your pot, you’ll have a solid cylinder with a diameter for 6.35mm (or ¼”), essentially,CTS Solid Shaft pot from Telecaster something like this.

Solid shafts normally turn up on guitars produced in the USA and Mexico, primarily the Fender® Telecaster® and P Bass® (but not the Stratocaster® and Jazz Bass®!) - but as always, never say never when it comes to these “rules” and it’s always worth checking on your guitar regardless.

Traditionally speaking, solid shaft pots are were only ever made by CTS, but in recent years, we’ve seen a couple of Alpha versions turning up on the spares market, they look to be an off shoot of the knobs used in amplifiers, and whilst not exactly common in guitars – its worth keeping an eye out for them, just in case they throw you a curve ball when working on a guitar from the Far East.