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Control Loom - For Stratocaster® - SCSCSC (5 Way) - Solderless Connection

Standard Control Loom - Suitable for Fender® Stratocaster®

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Wiring loom - For Stratocaster® - Solderless

OK - so wiring looms are a great way of upgrading and maintaining your guitar - most of the hard works already done for you to a high standard - and its just a case of soldering on the jack socket and pickups right?

Problem is - if you really dont like soldering, having the wiring done 90%, isn't really much use is it? So we've come up with this one! A completely solderless wiring loom for a Stratocaster®

Simply a case of pushing your wires into the screw terminals, tightening them up, and putting the thing in your guitar - couldn't be simpler.

As a nice little touch, we've put the mono socket wires and trem ground wire into the same setup too, so honestly, there isn't a single part that needs soldering now.

Beyond that, its all the same as the normal 5 way loom, just much simpler to install if you hate the idea of soldering!

Wired up, to order, here at Axes Towers in Hull, East Yorkshire, using CTS pots (250k, vintage audio taper) a Cornell Dubillier orange drop capacitor (0.022 @ 100v), an Oak Grigsby 5 way switch, all using 22 AWG vinitage cloth cover wired for the cleanest signal path possible.

And to top it off, its supplied with a top of the range Switchcraft Mono socket (short thread)

All in all, couldn't be easier to install - simply a case of connecting your pickups to the switch, connecting the jack socket, and connecting the spare ground wire to the trem claw to ground out the strings.

Please note, these are not official Fender® parts.
Fender®, Squier®, Stratocaster® and Strat® are registered trademarks of Fender Musical Instruments Corporation and Axesrus® has no affiliation with FMIC

Please note – these assemblies are made to order, and as such, come under the rules and regulations pertaining to custom work in regards of returns.

Up Close and Personal

Worth having a look at the looms in a little more detail - just to see some of the nice points on there, and why we do it the way we do it.

Stratocaster Volume pot

Volume Pot

Heres the volume pot - CTS 450 Series, brass shaft, brass threaded collar, and a 24 spline split post, ideal for our UFO knobs. Notice the heat shrink on the input and output terminals? Strictly speaking, its not essential, but it does offer extra protection to the solder joints, against shorting and with a little mechanical strength.

Strat looms tone controls

Tone Pots

This one, weirdly, causes a little confusion occasionally - the Fender® Stratocaster® comes with 2 tone controls - one handles the neck pickup (the yellow heat shrink) and the other handles the middle (blue heat shrink) - there is no tone control for the bridge pickup. This was actually a consious design choice way back when, and its stuck to the modern day. The idea is, that the bridge pickup should be "unbridled" to give a mroe aggressive tone. Whilst not to everyones taste, because this is a standard loom, we've stuck by that principle.

Oak Grigsby Switch fitted to strat


We've been using the Oak Grigsby 5 way switches for a while now, and they're actually very good. They dont have any noticable effect on the tone of the guitar, but they are incrediblly hard wearing, and very resistant to the heat of soldering (something you dont always see on cheaper switches).

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