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Floyd Rose Trem arm with Screw in Collar, Supplied with replacement bush Floyd Rose arm With Bush

Pretty easy to replace the bush on a FR. Just unscrew the hex bolt at the bottom, then the casing should come away. Then just whip the bush out of the top of the trem and install the new one. Then just pop in and screw down the trem arm and your ready to whammy again.

Available in Gold, Chrome and Black.

Prices From: £10.25 Inc VAT
Floyd Rose Push in Trem Arm 6mm dia Floyd Rose Push in Arm

Simple enough job. Just Push in the Arm and tighten the hex bolt to hold it in place.

Floyd Rose Push in Trem Arm 6mm diameter.

Available in Black or Chrome

Prices From: £5.00 Inc VAT
Floyd Rose Screw in Trem Arm Floyd Rose Screw in Arm

Right Handed, Floyd rose Screw in Trem Arm Available in Black 5.85mm External thread. Should be a good replacement for any Floyd Rose trem units with the straight forward screw in mechanism.

Prices From: £4.50 Inc VAT
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