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Control Assembly - For Esquire®

Control loom- For Fender Esquire

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Main Description

A completely constructed Control plate, for a Fender® Esquire®, the single pickup compatriot to the very first Telecaster® guitars - the control setup on the Esquire®, if you've never played one, is most likely, a complete mystery to most people - so before we get into the parts used here on this assembly, its probably worth covering what the Esquire® does (for better or worse)

Right - bare in mind here, that the guitar was designed at a time when the electric bass just didn't exist - with that firmly at the forefront of your thinking, this is going to make a lot more sense!

So, here goes - the controls run like this.

Position 1 - that we'd normally call "bridge" on a modern Tele® - with the Esquire® - we obviously cant come away from the bridge pickup, so here, we have a "tone bypass" mode - pickup goes through the volume pot, but cant see the tone pot/cap - its out of the circuit, and any adjustment is doing nothing. The guitar will sound brighter, and likely, more aggressive - nice to think of it as "lead" mode.

Position 2 - "middle" - this is what we'd think of, normally, as a Tele® bridge position - the tone pot is back in the circuit - so you've got volume and tone control. its... well... it sounds like any other Telecaster® at this point - nothing funny going on.

Position 3 - "neck"- this is where things get weird. This is a pre-set bass mode... the pickup is being shunted through a 3.3k resistor and 2 caps (wired in series, 0.047uf as standard) - (works out about 0.019uf) and anything that can pass through this high pass filter, is allowed to escape to ground - this results in a very dark, muffled tone.

Obviously, this is just out opinion - and you might find that "bass" position amazingly usable - but, nowadays, its not exactly the most amazing thing for us. You're losing so much signal through the circuit, that its very quiet compared to the other 2 options - and, realistically, it doesn't sound much like a bass guitar by modern standards.

So, there we go - Esquire® controls in a nut shell. Its a bit "warts and all" - but thats how its always been done.

You can always tweak the cap values in the customisation menu above, if you want to do something a bit out of the ordinary though.

The Standard Parts
This particular model is specifically designed to be used with single coils; simply because it’d get pretty daunting pretty quickly if we let you tweak every single part.

Pots – we always use CTS pots where we can, they’re top quality, they’ve got an exceptionally long life span, they’re what’s been used on the Telecaster® since day one, and let’s be honest, that’s the tone we’re chasing with this assembly. 250k Audio taper as standard.
Switch - Oak Grigsby 3 way - but CRL 3 way is also an option - industry standards for "rock solid lever switch" as far as we're concerned.

Caps – Historically, the Esquire® comes with 3 x 0.047 wired in there, and a 3.3k resistor - we use Cornell dubillier orange drops - good solid capacitor - does what it says on the tin.

Wire – we use vintage correct 22 AWG black and white cloth covered waxed wire. A dream to work with and has no adverse effects on your tone.

Socket – That’ll be a Switchcraft standard Mono, best in the business if you ask us, dead simple to get your head around how it works, and just like CTS – will probably outlast every other part on a guitar.

Control plate – We're offering these, as standard with 2mm thick, 32mm wide control plates that'll fit most guitars nowadays - but you can also have 32.2mm (Fender® Japan size) and 34mm (old Squier® and G&L® size), and with a thinner version of all 3 variables, down at 1.6mm, to match single ply pickguards.

Knobs – Again, just like the control plates - theres options! As standard, its a dome topped affair - but we've also got the flat tops and position marker variants if thats more your thing.

Tip – Supplied with a barrel switch tip.

Fender®, Squier®, Tele® and Esquire® are registered trademarks of Fender Musical Instruments Corporation and Axesrus ® has no affiliation with FMIC

Please note – these assemblies are made to order, and as such, come under the rules and regulations pertaining to custom work in regards of returns.
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