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Axesrus "T90"
Axesrus “T90” Pickups

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Please be aware, you have opened the "more options" section, which means your really getting into the customisation of the pickups - and thats fantastic! It'll really allow you to make the pickups your own, so wether your looking to make a set that matches up with a certain historic specification, or you' re trying to match a single pickup to another from a different manufacturer - this is the way to do it!

Its worth keeping in mind though, that with every tweak you make, you'll be getting further and further away from what we'd call the "standard setup", and as such, that means the pickups will come under the remit of Custom work

T90s – A vintage idea for a modern tone

We’ve had the T90s in production now for about 5 years by my maths – feels like a life time to be honest – most of it spenttrying to explain why they’re different from a traditional Telecaster® pickup! I won’t sit here and claim that it’s a revelation that’s going to change the way we play the guitar – but they’re absolutely exceptional at what they do.

We think of it as a fatter tone then the traditional Tele®, less snap and twang, less chicken friend “countrification” – more your rock-a-billy, swing, jazz, soul sort of pickup. There have always been shades of a proper P90 in there somewhere, and that’s what inspired the name, and it’s a beautiful little setup. It’s still distinctly a Telecaster® tone you’d be proud of, but it’s just bigger, bolder and brasher – really lets you open up the doors to play something a little bit different then your usual fare.

We’ll spare you the science bit for the time being, but essentially, the T90s take huge inspiration from the very first single coil pickups and utilise Alnico 3 magnets (sadly, nowadays, they only seem to turn up on “historic recreations”) – fantastic magnets for single coils like this. They bring in a little more bass, and a lot more lower mid-range without compromising on the top end.

Obviously, the easy route would be to churn out yet another 1950s throw back, scour the web and guitar bibles for the specs, scatter the winds and hey presto – and that’s fine if that your thing – but I can’t say I’ve heard many of the staff here at Axesrus® playing many Boom-Chicka walking lead lines in the last few years, so we’ve tried to take that inspiration and turn it into something we’d actually use! Seems all too easy to make and sell nostalgia at the minute, we’re more interested in making tone!

So we’ve gone warm on the T90s – I won’t say “hot” because it just brings up images of shredder metal and face melting solos – but you’re going to be getting a similar feel, all be it without the lashings of high gain and distortion. The trick there is to wind them pretty heavily – nothing too flash in that regard, but plenty of copper on the bobbins is bringing out those raunchy, sleazy, chubby little overtones, offers up just a little more aggression and a lot more body.

Getting into the specifics now, all of the above absolutely nails the bridge pickup, and that’s what defines the set for us – but the necks sort of its own thing. Still definitely in a similar style, and really well matched to the bridge – but that extra string movement above the poles just takes away a little of that bite. Still nice and warm, but nowhere near as muddy as a more traditional pickup – and that’s something we really did want to avoid. The Telecaster® is all about the bridge! The Strat® is all about the neck – so we wanted to bring a little bit of that to the party – more of a bell like quality, less bottom end, but without losing the overall T90 feel. Just gives those couple of extra options when it comes to style – chords are rich and textured, riffs and lead sections are chewy and full, and ultimately, it’s incredibly useable.

Ideal pickups for anyone whos looking for more body, less snap from their guitar, and perfect for Rock-a-Billy, Blues, Rock, Pop, Jazz and Soul.

Technical Brief

Tone Guide

Treble: 6.5
Mid: 6.0
Bass: 6.0

Fender®, Squier®, Stratocaster®, Strat®, Telecaster® and Tele® are registered trademarks of Fender Musical Instruments Corporation and Axesrus® has no affiliation with FMIC ;

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Clear and full March 14, 2017
Reviewer: Nick Dixon from Beverley, United Kingdom  
These pickups are a good upgrade to OEM pickups found in most telecasters. The ones I had in mine did the job but the bridge sounded thin and the neck was a bit 'one dimensional' in terms of depth and general tone.
After having a nice informative talk and good convincing from the tech team, I opted to try these. Firstly, very well presented and arrived quickly, secondly very high quality build and finish. The raw nickel neck pickup is a nice compliment to an older guitar such as mine.

After installing these and getting the balance and tone as close as I could, nothing much had changed from original, however upon turning up my amp a little it was clear that there was much more harmonic content and articulation available without excessive ice pick or honkyness. Both pickups compliment each other. The neck pickup sounds quite strat like and clear, while the bridge pickup oddly has a lot of bottom end without sounding muddy in the slightest. Fantastic.

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A little bit of wee came out January 7, 2017
Reviewer: G Hill from Trowbridge, wilts .United Kingdom  
I put one of the neck T90's into a Modern Player Tele and haven't stopped grinning yet. It was a LOL moment when I flicked to the neck with a bit of Marshall drive. I've got two Les Paul's with P90's, this isn't the same (construction alone would prevent that), but what a double-take moment. A really great 'tubular' sound that makes a mediocre Tele neck pickup curl up and die. I've got a funny feeling that I'll be ordering more of these for my customers :-D

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As retro as Joe 90 August 4, 2016
Reviewer: Keith from Dunfermline, United Kingdom  
Okay. I put these in my 62 reissue and this was a very good idea. I play a lot of punk and these just made me burst out laughing - that's a P90! What a great sound through a Marshall, really 70s/80s. Saves me having to route out a soapbar cavity too ;)

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  2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
PineCaster May 22, 2015
Reviewer: thierry Lenquette from NIMES, Languedoc Roussillon France  
My Guitar With Your Pickups is Ready & I Have a lot of Pleasure to Play it.
The "T-90 Bridge" & the "True Vintage Neck" match Very Well Together +++

Many Thanks to You !!

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  1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
Bridge May 19, 2015
Reviewer: Matt from United Kingdom  
The T90 I bought is f&@£ing bad ass!!!!!!!!! I love it.

I compared it to my other tele with the quarter pounder. Well the Seymour Duncan is a tad on the muffled side compared to the T90... Thinking I may replace that with a T90. Great work

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