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Axesrus "RedMag" Assembly
Axesrus "RedMag" Assembly

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Please note - Loaded Pickguards come under the remit of Custom work and as always, if you've got any questions what so ever, please feel free to get in touch with us and we can talk through all the finer details of your proposed build.

The RegMags Set - A Match made in Heaven

The RegMags really typifysomething we love doing with single coil pickups – and that’s get away from that “Classic Strat®” tone! It’s been done time and time again, and rather than just churn out historic recreations, we like something a little different.

Don’t get us wrong, it’s a fantastic sound for any guitar, and if it’s your thing – then more power to you (check out the Texas blues – they’ll be right up your alley) – but for us, there’s always room for different tones, and that’s why the RedMags went through development.

With this RedMags Loaded Pickguard, you're getting 3 near identical pickups, built for that soulful, refined, dare we say "mature" tone which really show off the positions their installed in.

Operating in the bridge position, you instantly hear the extra body that these pickups deliver – we used all sorts of flowery language to describe the tone in the office during prototyping, but put simply, it’s a beautiful, mature tone with some lovely round edges, a rich mid-range and a lack of bite that makes this pickup ideal for the player who finds the more traditional single coils a little too brittle and abrasive on the ear.

That extra body actually starts to blend into the mix a little in the middle and neck positions too, so don’t worry about them getting overly muddy in the mix – you’ll still get plenty of your bell like chine as you add in a little more string movement.

All said and done, if your into the finer things in life, and you’re playing your soul, mo-town, funky pop, anything with a bit of body behind the guitar, but you want that single coil clarity every time, then the RedMags will be absolutely perfect for you.

Dead easy to install - all the pots, switch, cap and pickups are all connected, its simply a case of connecting the mono socket (supplied) to the output wires, which are already connected, and connecting the ground wire to your bridge or trem claw.

Tech Talk
So how have we got this fantastic tone? What’s the secret? Honestly – it’s nothing overly flashy – rather than using a traditional copper wire (Formvar, Plain Enamel etc.) – we’ve used a very fine motor wire instead (Magnesol – and its bright red to boot!).

Lovely stuff to work with, lays incredibly neatly on the coil, but does have a tendency to really fill a coil! So where you’d maybe get a max of 7ks worth of 42AWG with PE, you’d be lucky to get 6k from Magnesol - certainly seems like a slightly heavier build on the insulation really does beef up the coil.
Tonally though, that’s brilliant! It means you’ve got a lot more space between the individual coils, and that does a long way towards giving that very warm, rounded sound – but the realistic number of winds mean you’re not dealing with an overly hot pickup.

Beyond that lovely coil (did we mention its red?!) – its all business as usual in terms of a single coil. 52mm string spacing is ideal for most applications, the fiber board is black, top to bottom, the covers are 13.5mm high PVC in a huge range of colours and the magnets are a heavily beveled Alnico V.

Actually – a little on the magnets might be worth mentioning. We started to favor the heavier bevel on the poles in recent months; the slightly smaller “tip” seems to make the pickups much more responsive to string bends. We couldn’t comment on the science of it, but it almost feels like notes almost hit a harmonic when bent away from a heavily beveled pole where they don’t against a non-beveled. It might just be snake oil and wishful thinking, but it’s what we’re hearing in development and recording, so it seems pointless to change it in production.

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