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Pickguard - P90 Conversion
Pickguard - P90 Conversion - Suitable for 1959 - 2014 Fender® Telecaster®

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P90s - The perfect match for your Tele®

OverviewAxesrus Pickguard suitable for Fender Telecaster - P90 conversion
This pickguard is aimed squarely at fitting the standard Fender® Telecaster®, but has been designed to give you the option to fit a standard sized Soap bar P90 in the neck slot. Often overlooked as a viable option because 90% of the time, this will require extra routing to the body, a P90 is the dream pickup when it comes to that classic Tele® tone!

That body, that warmth, that jazzy twang that you only get from a proper, 1950s voiced P90, is everything the Telecaster® is about – and in fairness, it’s a similar sort of voicing as that of the traditional lipstick pickup you’ll see fitted as standard.

Where the P90 outshines the lipstick, is that it’s so much bigger tonally! The higher output, the lack of metal covers dulling tone, the dual magnet design - it all add up to really balance out a Tele® and gives you something that’s actually very modern in its sound, without compromising on your bridge pickup tone.

Hole configuration
Like most of our plates designed for the Fender Tele®, we’ve built around the timeless “8 hole” design that’s been in circulation on every Fender® Telecaster® since 1959/60, and is being used on production guitars even today! Initially, the 8 hole setup was released to help combat the warping seen on the early Tele® plates, with the 3 ply option replacing the old single ply version completely in late 1959. We carry both single and 3 ply plates for the sake of completeness, but please be aware that a single ply plate is likely to exhibit the same issues over time as those early Telecaster® guitars, even with modern materials.

Again, just as with the hole config, once your past the P90 in the neck, this plates all standard. The bridge section is cut out to accept both Modern and Vintage style Telecaster® bridges, and the control plate is cut out to 32mm, which will take a Fender® control plate, or the Axesrus® Control plate with no problems what so ever.

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Tech Talk
So the big question we get asked a lot with P90s is “what pots do I use?” – and it’s a good question – it shows an understanding that different pickups work in different ways depending on what pots you fit to them! So in this situation, let’s have a closer look at a Telecaster® fitted with a P90 in the neck.

Whilst a P90 is strictly a single coil, most companies will treat it as a humbucker electrically, and you’ll see them fitted to 500ks in 99% of production guitars.

However, with a P90, you can quite happily run them on 250k pots, and whilst they’ll warm up a little, they won’t become as bottom heavy and muddy as a humbucker would in the same situation – and that plays right into the hands of the Telecaster®.

Your running 250k pots anyway, because it’s a single coil guitar – and your bridge sounds sharp, biting, it’s got that twang, and its probably the reason you like a Tele® in the first place! We don’t want to ruin that tone by messing with your pots.


Ply - 3 ply or Single Ply

Thickness -2.3mm (3 ply) & 1.5mm( Singly Ply)

Mounting Holes - 8 (Recessed)

Routing - Standard Telecaster® with Soap bar P90 in neck

Material - PVC

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