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Tremolos - Vintage Tremolos - Modern Miscellaneous
Axesrus Gotoh® Wilkinson®
Hipshot® Spare Parts
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Spare Parts Tremolo Arms with Green, Punk, Black and White tips

Trem Arms, Saddles, Springs, Screws, Blocks and Bushes for all the types of bridges we carry.

Modern TremolosHipshot left handed Modern contour Trem in Chrome

Modern Trems from Hipshot®,Gotoh®, Wilkinson® and Axesrus®

Vintage TremolosHipshot Vintage Trem

Vintage Trems in various sizes, from Hipshot®,Gotoh®, Wilkinson® and Axesrus®

Miscellaneous Tremolos Fender Mustang Bridge

Tremolos and similar systems for Gibson® Epiphone® and Fender® Jazzmaster® and Mustang® guitars