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Schaller® F Series Machine heads - Locking - Set - Black "Rail Humbucker" Bridge Parts kit - Suitable for Telecaster Gotoh - SD-91 "Magnum Thumb Lock" - Set
Hipshot "Closed Gear" Machine heads and Extender bundle "Rail Humbucker" Parts kit - Suitable for Single Coil Routes Gotoh - SG301-MGT Machine Heads
Gotoh - SG301-MGT - Set
Prices From: 57.32 Inc VAT
Axesrus "Yorkshire Jack" Single Coils CTS Pot - Split Shaft Standard Wiring Kit - Suitable for Fender® Stratocaster®
Axesrus "Yorkshire Jack"
Prices From: 48.00 Inc VAT
1 x CTS Pot - Split Shaft
Prices From: 5.10 Inc VAT
Wiring Kit - SCSCSC
Prices From: 36.97 Inc VAT
Gotoh - NS510TSFE2 Tremolo DiMarzio "Tone Zone" Tele Sized Humbucker Axesrus “T90” Pickups
Gotoh - NS510TSFE2
Prices From: 148.31 Inc VAT
DiMarzio "Tone Zone® T"
Prices From: 74.99 Inc VAT
Axesrus "T90"
Prices From: 38.60 Inc VAT
DiMarzio "True Velvet T" High Spec CTS Switchcraft Arch Top Wiring Loom Gotoh - SGS510Z with Thumb Lock
DiMarzio "True Velvet T"
Prices From: 59.99 Inc VAT
Gotoh - SGS510Z with Magnum Thumb Lock
Prices From: 89.16 Inc VAT